Holiness unto the Lord

by John G. Lake
March 6, 1916
Spokane, Washington

Holiness is the character of God. The very substance of His being and essence of His nature is purity. The purpose of God in the salvation of mankind is to produce in man a kindred holiness, a radiant purity like that of God Himself. If God were unable to produce such purity in man, then His purpose in man would be a failure, and the object of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ would be a miscarriage instead of a triumph.

The triumph of Jesus Christ was attained through His willingness to be led by the Spirit of God. The triumph of the Christian can be attained only in a similar manner. Even though God has baptized a soul with the Holy Spirit, there yet remains for the person, as with Jesus, the present necessity of walking in humility and permitting the Spirit of God to be his absolute guide.

The unveiling of consciousness, of the desire of the flesh, of the sensuality of the nature and the thoughts of man and the revelation of adverse tendencies—all are part of God’s purpose and are necessary for growth in God. How can the nature of man be changed except that nature is first revealed? So there arises in the heart the desire and prayer for the Spirit of God to eject, crucify, and destroy every tendency of opposition to the Holy Spirit.

Think not that you shall attain the highest in God until within your own soul a heavenly longing to be like Him who gave His life for us possesses your heart. Think not to come within the court of God with stains upon your garments. Think not that heaven can smile upon a nature fouled through evil contact. Think not that Christ can dwell in temples seared by flames of hate. No! The heart of man must first be purged by holy fire and washed from every stain by cleansing blood. Don’t you know that the person whose nature is akin to God’s must ever feel the purging power of Christ within?

He who would understand the ways of God must trust the Spirit’s power to guide and keep. He who would tread the paths where angels tread must realize seraphic purity himself. Such is the nature of God, such the working of the Spirit’s power, such the attainment of the person who overcomes. In him the joy and power of God shall be. Through him the healing streams of life shall flow. To him heaven’s gates are opened wide. In him the kingdom is revealed.

Interpretation of a Message in Tongues

Fear not to place thy hand within the nail-pierced palm. Fear not to trust His guidance. The way He trod is marked by bleeding feet and wet with many tears. He leadeth thee aright, and heaven’s splendor soon shall open to thy spirit, and thou shalt know that all triumphant souls—those who have overcome indeed—have found their entrance by this path into the realms of light.