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Christina M.

Christina M.

June 23, 2023

For the sake of this testimony and to protect the individual's privacy, I would call this patient LOVE. In June 2023, she visited the hospital because of her shortness of breath. The test took place, and when the biopsy came back, LOVE had stage 4 cancer in her lungs and bones. She remained in the hospital for two weeks while they arranged for home oxygen so she could still breathe. Then, she was discharged to go home. The following Monday, I was supposed to take her to the healing room, but she couldn't make it. I went in for her. The prayer leader at that time was happy to call her. The team prayed for LOVE. That night, she had a phenomenal experience. She woke up the next morning pretty much healed. Love went back to the doctor. She only needed five radiation treatments on her hip because her bone was weak from the cancer. Love is a very happy woman. Your belief in healing is extraordinary, and I am truly honoured to see what the Presence of Jesus does. Thank you to the Arncliffe healing room team.